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For most of us, cranking out a regular blog post that’s good enough to hold the readers attention and bring them back to our blog (or even subscribe) is a chore. Nobody’s an expert on everything so most often there’s whole lot of research involved before we even put finger to keyboard.

It’s not all bad though. A lot of the time this is a learning process for us as well as for our readers… and that can’t hurt.

The problem is this we need a new blog post around 2 or 3 times a week if we want to maintain a realistic publishing schedule. By realistic I mean we need to keep the attention of our readers to stay ‘front of mind’ with them and we also need to keep the search engines happy by putting out new content regularly.

I’ve found a better way of doing this. I’ve found a way to create great blog posts in about an hour. Read on to find out how…

The One Hour Blog Post

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The first thing you need to know is that this requires a paid tool. It’s not expensive and it will pay for itself in no time at all. What this tool does is grab the audio narrative track from any YouTube video and transform it into text. In other words – you get a text record of everything the narrator says in that video.

It’s a WordPress plugin and it places the extracted text into a WordPress post automatically where you can edit it to your taste.

The beauty of this is that you are almost guaranteed unique original content. The only way you might run into a problem is if somebody else uses the tool on the same video and extracts the same text as you did, which is unlikely.

Even if that does happen it’s not a problem because you will be editing the text to a greater or lesser extent to make it 100% readable. Spoken text is very different from written text.

(There is a text spinner within the tool, but don’t use it. Text spinners are spectacularly useless things)

What I do this is…

First, I do a search on YouTube for a few good videos on the topic of my blog post. This is done within the settings of the plugin itself in WordPress using keywords to find candidates. I always watch the videos most of the way through to get an idea of how useful the content is.

Alternatively, you can go to YouTube itself and do your searching there.

When you find videos you like make a record of the their urls.

When I have a few good candidates, I extract the text from those videos and paste it all into a post edit dialogue in WordPress or a text editor like MS Word. What you have now is 2 or 3 blocks of unedited text which are the text versions of the audio voice tracks from your videos.

This is where to get creative and build your blog post from the blocks of text. Treat these as the raw materials and cut, copy, paste, delete etc. until you have built your post. You will have to add some of your own text to make it all hang together. This sounds difficult, but it becomes surprisingly easy once you have done it a few times.

You need to read through the unedited text a few times before you start to get a general idea of how you are going to put it together into a post.

You also have the option of using the text from a single video if you can find one that is sufficiently comprehensive to constitute a post on its own. This is always the quickest option.

Remember to add your own voice to this process. Insert commentary or extra material from your own knowledge and experience. If you have any knowledge or familiarity with the subject matter you will find this surprisingly easy.

If you feel there is not enough material in your post, go back to YouTube and find another video with material which will complement what you have already and add value.

Once you’re happy with the text of your new blog post, be sure to add at least 2 relevant images and get your post SEO optimized. Because you’re building the post in WordPress you can use the free Yoast SEO plugin which will guide you through all the necessary steps. This is very important and can make a huge difference to how many people find your post.

By using the process I have described here you can cut your post creation time by at least 50%. I use it for most of my posts and it saves me a lot of time.

One other thing… credit the YouTube creators of the videos you use. Just a simple one liner at the end of the blog post will do it. Don’t say what you have done with their material. Just have a small header ‘Acknowledgements’ and add their name and website under that.

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