Eguidestream is a new site as of today – 30th April, 2018.

Eguidestream is about marketing online – more specifically – marketing online and making money. Because those 2 things are quite different. I know this from personal experience.

But first a little about me. My name’s Edward Byrne. I live in beautiful Cape Town in South Africa. I’m married to Cheryl and have 3 children in their late teens.

I’ve been trying to make a living from marketing online for almost exactly 2 years now.

I became aware of online marketing in my car. I was listening to an interview on the radio. The guy being interviewed was Pat Flynn and he told an interesting tale. I’ll summarize it briefly here.

Pat was a trainee architect in a previous life. I think he was at a college in California, but don’t hold me to that.

One tiny aspect of the course was a thing called the Lead Exam. This was all about the environmental and ‘green’ side of architecture. Most students had difficulty with this exam because back then it was not really taught as a full course.

Pat decided to set up a basic website with the course material and told his fellow architecture students about it. It quickly became popular.

Pat eventually passed the Lead Exam and later graduated a an architect. He forgot all about his little site for a few years.

Then one day he happened to think about it and went back there to have a look. To his amazement it had become a big and busy site with plenty of visitors. This was Pats ‘light bulb’ moment.

I’m sure some of you know who Pat Flynn is. For those who don’t… Pat is a big deal authority in the IM world now (and a very nice guy to boot).

Pats ‘light bulb’ moment was the realization that if you respond to a perceived ‘need’ or problem by providing a solution you could attract people to that solution by simply making them aware of it. And the Internet is the perfect place to find those people and bring them to the solution.

Pat also realized that he could have charged people to access that site and made money from it on autopilot. He saw the potential for ‘passive income’.

Pats a cool guy and left his site up for future architects.

But he also gave up being an architect. He became and still is a very successful online marketer and a respected authority.

There’s  a very cool IM lesson in this story. Here it is…

Find a bunch of people with a pressing problem – Find a good solution to that problem – Find a way to make them aware of your solution – Sell them your solution.

Pay attention to those 4 steps.

They are the key to online success. Do those 4 things above well and you’ll find online marketing success.

Back to me… Despite being aware of Pats story I did not know enough to put it all together or realize the significance of those 4 steps. I floundered around for 18 months buying every new course and shiny object I came across. I never finished anything I started and never stopped looking for the ‘golden bullet’. The magic pill which the gurus know about and the hackers don’t.

But I did work it out eventually and now I’m doing ok. I’m on the right track.

And that’s what this site will be about.

Not my story… more what I’ve learned along the way. Stuff that will put you on track if you read it and put it into action yourself.

Remember… there are hundreds of thousands of marketers online but only a small percentage of them make money.

And only a small percentage of them ever will make money.

And that’s a good thing for you and me.

Because if all of them were making money, the pie would be far too small to make it worth while for you, me or anybody.

Marketing online is survival of the fittest.

I’m going to show you how to get marketing fit in the blog section of this site.

I’ll show you what to do and give you tips and hacks to keep you moving forward.

I’ll also have products that I have bought tested and use myself.

I’ll show you what they do and why you need them.

Some of these products will be available on this site and you can help me by buying them from this site.

No obligation… it’s your call.



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