How this blogger found success with a simple mindshift

Food blogger Sarah Cook (cool name) was struggling with her blog. She had almost no traffic or income from the blog despite having persevered for 8 long years. Then she had something of a breakthrough while listening to a podcast from Problogger. In her own words…

"So last May I had two paths in front of me, quit or double down and work really smart and super hard. So my breakthrough actually came about through one of your podcast. They mentioned doing Skype calls with readers and honestly, I thought it was really weird. But I needed practice for Skype for an upcoming project. So I sent it out to my list as a, “Hey, what’s up? Anyone wants to talk?” And I got a lot of interest. During a Skype call with the reader, she started off immediately by saying, “This is how your blog has changed my life.” Just like that I realized these were real people behind the Google analytics, actual human beings and not just numbers."

content curation

Sarah became obsessed with learning about her audience. what they needed, what made them tick, what made them laugh, and what made them cry. She created an avatar of her reader and even shared this avatar with them in a post. They all pretty much said, “Yup, that’s me.

"Now I write to my avatar. I write to solve her problems and I write right to change her life. What has blogging been like after my breakthrough? The mindshift changed in combination with a giant rebrand, new site design, and professional SEO audit. This completely changed the course of my blog"

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