How to use Facebook Custom Audiences: a step-by-step guide

Facebook Custom Audiences are a seriously powerful weapon in your Facebook ad campaigns if you now how to use them properly. But like everything in Facebook ads – if you try and ‘go it alone’ and dive in without the right knowledge it will cost you more money than if you had learned the ropes before you dived in. 

Here’s what you need to know about custom audiences. This is a great article by Christina Newberrry from Hootesuite. Go through it and take notes.  

"With 1.47 billion daily active users, Facebook offers a huge potential audience for advertisers. So huge, in fact, that it’s important to laser-target your ads to make sure you reach the Facebook users who are most likely to be interested in your business. This allows you to minimize your ad spend and maximize ROI.

Facebook Custom Audiences offer some of the best targeting available. They are highly defined groups of people who already have a relationship with your business, such as past customers, people who have visited your website, or people who have installed your app.

Even better, Custom Audiences can be used to create lookalike audiences—new potential fans, followers, and customers who share key characteristics with your existing customers and fans."

facebook ads custom audience

Here Christina explains how Facebook matches visitors to your website with Facebook user profiles. This is how they are able to show your ads to people who have already interacted with your content.

"Once you install the Facebook pixel on your website, Facebook can match your website visitors to their Facebook profiles.

You can use this information to create Custom Audiences that target all website visitors, or to remarket to people who have visited a specific product page or product category. You set the time frame for how far back you want to go, so you can choose to target only your most recent website visitors, or people who visited up to six months ago.

If you haven’t installed the Facebook pixel yet, you’re missing out on this rich source of data. Check out our full guide to using the Facebook pixel to get it set up on your site."

This is a great article and explains the concepts really clearly. Read the whole article by clicking on the button below.

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