How to write the perfect cold-call email

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re an email marketer. If that’s you then you know just how hard it is to even get your recipient to open your email – let alone read it. In these days of relentless daily promotional emails from affiliate marketers and product creators, you’re going to need something pretty special in your subject line and email content to get them to click through to your offer and have  a look.

Here’s a really great article on how to write promotional emails from The article is divided up into a list of rules… and they are really thought inspiring and extremely valuable. I’m thinking of getting them printed out in poster format and putting them on the wall in my office. 

Yes they’re THAT GOOD!

I am giving you 2 of them in this article. Make sure you click through to the origin site and get the rest of them.

Rule #3

Instead of writing a subject line that sounds entirely hackneyed and stock, think of it as an opportunity to be creative. Imagine a busy business owner with 200 unread emails, and she’s going down the line, and all of them are totally blah blah blah. Even if she doesn’t delete you, she might not open you—at least not for seven weeks, when she’s cleaning out her inbox in a fit of anger-induced hysteria.Instead of: “Inquiry” or “Business opportunity,” try something more human, modern and fun, like: + DYING to get my hands on your sign. (Not a euphemism.) + Your beer + my hands = Triple Heart Emoji + A hops-lovin’ illustrator, at your service! + Here to help take down Miller Lite, one craft beer at a time. + Obsessed with your new beer garden! 

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Rule #5Never start off talking about what you can do: make it about them. This is where your sleuthing comes in handy. Talk about whatever they’re doing. Maybe you paste a screenshot of a tweet you saw them post. Maybe you take a screenshot of a review they got. Maybe you record a tiny screen-cast of yourself doing something on their website. Whatever you do, try to make it so the first thing they see is their own brand. People are much more curious about themselves than you.Example: Word on the street has it that you’re opening a self-serve beer garden—major kudos to you!”

This is really a great article and you can learn plenty from it. I have implemented just 2 of the rules so far and seen an improvement of 11% in conversions and 16% in open rates. (yes I measure everything) :-). Click the button below to read the full article.

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