Online marketing – the problem

Do you want to know what the biggest problem with online marketing is? It’s distractions.

You see most newbies in online marketing start out the right way. Yes you heard me right… they start out the right way.

They find out that they need to pick a niche and start a blog so they do that. They also get told they need to fill that blog out with quality content and do the SEO stuff to start pulling in traffic to their blog.

They also start doing that.

And it’s all quite exciting at first…

But when nobody comes by to read that quality content… and they’re supposed to just keep on producing more of it, things start to slow down. They start thinking to themselves that there has to be a better way to do this online marketing thing.

So they hit the web and type in online marketing to try and find out why it’s not working. A whole lot of interesting stuff pops up and they dive in. And that’s where they find all sorts of crazy cool things from these nice people that they can get just by handing over an email address.

Then the next thing that happens is they start getting a lot of emails. And the nice people sending the emails have all got the most amazing things that will make you $47 on autopilot in the next hour and every hour in 3 simple steps. All you have to do is hand over $17 to get going.

That sounds a whole lot easier than writing blog posts that nobody reads right? If you could get into online marketing for $17 – why wouldn’t you?

So the blog gets put to one side and the adventure into the wild world of WSO’s and JVZoo takes over.

Every new day brings in a whole lot more of these exciting goodies that are going to make them rich with just an hour or 2 of work a day.

And the cool things start piling up on their hard drive unused because mostly they don’t work… or they sound like hard work.

The emails keep coming but our newbie has now got a little skeptical. He still reads them but he has developed a more efficient BS meter that filters out the worst ones.

But there are some that do sound quite interesting because they suggest different business models for making money online. They sound more authentic because they use the words ‘business models’.

One comes in and promises to show our newbie how to get rich buying and selling domains online.

Another says the only way to make money online is affiliate marketing. Everything you need to know in this free webinar. And the guy in the webinar is so convincing the newbie buys his course for $497. Ouch!

And somehow none of these things really work out. Why is that?

Because if making money was that easy we would all be rich.

The truth is all about mindset.

People are attracted into internet marketing because of the prospect of quick money. It’s just too tempting.

Work from home… Fire your boss… Get a Ferrari… The promise of quick and easy riches is powerful.

The easy money mindset created by these promises is what kills most aspiring online marketers.

It’s a mindset of quick and easy money.

The truth is… making consistent money online is just like any other offline business.

You have to treat it as a business.

Stuart Walker from NicheHacks asks this question…

“Are you running an online business or just taking advantage of a temporary money making method?”

Those are two very different things.

What I described above are at best temporary money making methods and most are not even that.

They are distractions.

So if you started out by building a blog…  and when nobody came by to read your blog you kinda lost interest and started looking for an easier solution in your email inbox… plead guilty now.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone… and there is a cure.

It’s a mindset cure. It’s a commitment to the long term vision of building a real business.

And if you do build a real online business you build something that has a massive advantage over any offline business. It’s called passive income and there’s nothing better than passive income.

It’s why most successful online marketers choose to put in the hard work and time to build solid foundational structures for their online marketing businesses. You have to do that if you want to build an incredible machine which will bring in customers, sell to the customers, deliver the product and put the money into your PayPal account… while you sleep!

It’s not easy to do… nothing that is worthwhile is. But all the knowledge you need to do real online marketing is out there and you can get most of it for free.

And it won’t cost you much outside of time and honest effort.

So what’s the big lesson here?

The problem with online marketing is distractions.

Start by eliminating distractions. Focus on building a real business.

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