How to Sell on Pinterest – A Practical Guide for Ecommerce Success

Cool E Commerce on Pinterest Guide

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Here’s a very useful primer to marketing your e commerce store and/or offers offers on Pinterest. Alisa Meredith does a really great job explaining why and how Pinterest is such a great platform for promoting e commerce stores and individual items.
She explains why its such a great investment of your time and effort in creating top promotional content for Pinterest because pins on Pinterest have such great reach and more importantly – such a long lifespan.
She describes the profile of a typical ‘pinner’ on the platform and why they’re such great potential customers for you.
Then there’s the importance of branding. One of the coolest things about searches on Pinterest is the fact that they are unbranded searches. In other words your pins and boards will show up in the search results if you have done your own SEO on Pinterest the right way.
Then there’s the demographics of typical pinners. Did you know that 7 out of every 10 Moms are on Pinterest and Moms make buying decisions in most households.

This post is really full of great insights which are going to help you move your ecom business forward if you put them into effect.

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