Promote Your Products with Rich Pins on Pinterest

Rich pins on seems to be a feature that very few pinners use and even fewer understand. Thats a shame because rich pins are very powerful. So what are rich pins?

Rich pins are ‘super pins’ in a sense because they contain a whole lot more information than a normal pin does.

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For example a rich product pin could contain a detailed description, price information, availability, where to get it and a whole lot more information. Any person seeing that pin can get a pretty good idea of what the product is about without having to click through to a product description. Brilliant for e commerce.

The beauty of this is… if what they read on the pin tells them its what they want they will click through. And they’ll click through with buyer intent.

Rich pins also look  different and stand out in the feed so they tend to get noticed more.

So how do you get rich pins?

The extra information you see on a rich pin is drawn from the metadata on on your site where your offer listing or content is posted. Pinterest can find the data once you have made a few simple changes to your site. These can be done using the free Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.

Once you’re set up to go you grab any post URL from your site and open the Rich Pins Validator in Pinterest.

Enter the url into the the form provided and click on ‘Validate’. If you’ve done everything right you’ll get a success message and a short while later all your pins that have a url from your website in them will appear as rich pins.



This could be the quickest and simplest conversion optimizer you’ll ever find for Pinterest.

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