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Traffic and engagement - the holy grail for all blogs and ecom sites. But lets face it, the techniques and methods we use to try and get traffic and engagement are showing signs of wear. Most of them just don't work anymore because everybody is using them. So whats the answer?

Here's a brand new tool called Beamer. Beamer creates an on-site news feed that can be used to announce important news, product launches, offers, updates and content on your site and it’s a great way to keep visitors engaged with your brand. Here's what have to say about Beamer.

"The tool is easy to use so any brand owner can implement it on their website, and it’s easy to install so there’s no complicated coding or programming skills necessary. Updating your Beamer newsfeed couldn’t be simpler either, and you have the option to add videos, GIFs, photos, links, and calls-to-action to each update and new announcement - so you can customize every Beamer post to suit your needs."

on site communication

This is far more effective than email campaigns when you want to talk to your users and visitors. Beamer notifications can be instantly created and pushed 'live' to you audience while they are on your site. Because they are effectively "live" the whole experience becomes more like a conversation.

Any blog, website and e commerce store can use Beamer to:

# Increase visitor engagement
# Improve click-through rates
# Inspire more sales
# Reduce bounce rates
# Announce new features
# Reduce abandoned shopping carts
# Make content more accessible
# Get marketing messages in front of a larger audience

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